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Question 1: Their rhetoric was, according to a ________ report, "heavily anti-Armenian".
Human Rights WatchInternational Criminal CourtUNESCOAmnesty International

Question 2: Almost the whole population of ________ turned out to bury the dead on the third day - January 22.

Question 3: In December 1989, Azerbaijanis living in regions bordering ________ ripped down the border fences demanding closer ties with ethnic Azerbaijanis living in Iran.
IraqIran–Iraq WarIranPakistan

Question 4: According to ________, "while the Kremlin's ostensible reason for the military action was to safeguard the Armenian population, most evidence simply does not support this contention.
UNESCOHuman Rights WatchInternational Criminal CourtAmnesty International

Question 5: This led to demonstrations which demanded the ousting of Azerbaijani communist officials and called for independence from the ________.
Joseph StalinEast GermanyRussiaSoviet Union

Question 6: Late at night on January 19, 1990, 26,000 Soviet troops stormed ________ in order to crush the Popular Front.

Question 7: Around 90 Armenians were murdered in the ________.

Question 8: Shocked by this "surprising" development, the government of the ________ complained officially to the United States about Radio Liberty's[18] coverage of the military invasion of Azerbaijan.
RussiaSoviet UnionEast GermanyJoseph Stalin

Question 9: They acted pursuant to a state of emergency (which continued on for more than 4 months) declared by the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium, signed by President ________.
Lech WałęsaMikhail GorbachevRonald ReaganBoris Yeltsin

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