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Black Hebrew Israelites: Quiz


Question 1: [5] In ________ alone, at least eight such groups were founded between 1919 and 1931.
ManhattanTimes SquareBoweryHarlem

Question 2: [16] No official action was taken to return the Black Hebrews to the United States, but some individual members were ________ for working illegally.
DeportationEthnic cleansingPopulation transferThe Holocaust

Question 3: [24] The group established its headquarters in Philadelphia in 1899, and Crowdy later relocated to ________, in 1903.
AtlantaPhoenix, ArizonaBostonWashington, D.C.

Question 4: In 1969, after a sojourn in Liberia, Ben Ammi and about 30 Hebrew Israelites moved to ________.
IsraelArmeniaGreeceUnited States

Question 5: [20] Theologically, the Church of the Living God mixed elements of Judaism and Christianity, counting the ________ — including the New Testament — and the Talmud as essential scriptures.
BibleNevi'imBiblical canonChristianity and Judaism

Question 6: [17] In accordance with their interpretation of the Bible, the Black Hebrews follow a strictly ________ diet and wear only natural fabrics.
VeganismVegetarianismVegan SocietyPhysicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Question 7: [31][32] Members believe that ________ was neither God nor the son of God, but rather an adherent to Judaism and a prophet.
New Testament view on Jesus' lifeNew TestamentGospelJesus

Question 8: The Church of God and Saints of Christ was established in Lawrence, ________, in 1896 by William Saunders Crowdy.

Question 9: [54] Also, the ________ has written that the "12 Tribes of Israel" website, maintained by a Black Hebrew group, promotes black supremacy.
Anti-Defamation LeagueAmerican Jewish CommitteeAntisemitismNeo-Nazism

Question 10: [17][45] Most men have more than one wife, and ________ is not permitted.
PregnancyCondomSafe sexBirth control


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