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Black Cat (comics): Quiz


Question 1:
Who created Black Cat (comics)?

Question 2:
What company publishes Black Cat (comics)?

Question 3:
What was Black Cat (comics) allied to?

Question 4: While Spider-Man was gone during the "Secret Wars", Felicia searched for him at ________; Vision offered her the chance to join the Avengers, which she declined, being interested solely in Spider-Man.
Avengers MansionStan LeeJack KirbyAvengers (comics)

Question 5:
What powers does Black Cat (comics) have?
Skilled gymnast and martial artist
Expert martial artist and hand to hand combatant
Expert martial artist with excellent gymnastic abilities
super-spy and martial artist

Question 6: Writer/director ________ began writing the Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do miniseries in 2002.
View AskewniverseJay and Silent BobJersey Girl (2004 film)Kevin Smith

Question 7:
When did Black Cat (comics) make his debut?
Amazing Spider-Man #252
The Amazing Spider-Man #194
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #210
Iron Man #194

Question 8: [32] She, alongside Elektra, Bullseye, Gladiator, and Typhoid Mary, are among the Kingpin's top assassins,[33] however she is a double agent for ________'s "Avengers" and feeds them information whenever she can.
Black Panther (comics)Luke CageWolverine (comics)Stan Lee

Question 9: [20] Angry and jealous, Felicia began harassing the couple, taunting Peter as she dated his friend ________.
Aunt MayGwen StacyHarry OsbornFlash Thompson

Question 10: [26] She is one of the main characters, alongside ________, Hellcat, and Photon.
Civil War (comics)FirestarSandman (Marvel Comics)Stan Lee

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