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Question 1: While no longer used much professionally, many consumer ________ have the ability to record in black-and-white.
BetacamDigital videoD-VHSCamcorder

Question 2: ________ was black-and-white or shades of sepia.
PhotographyCameraDigital photographyHolography

Question 3: For the years 1940–1966 a separate ________ was given for black and white movies, along with one for color.
Academy Award for Best Costume DesignAcademy Award for Best Art DirectionAcademy Award for Best Original ScoreAcademy Award for Best Picture

Question 4: This manipulation of colour appears in the film Sin City and the occasional ________.
FinlandTelevision advertisementProduct placementUnited Kingdom

Question 5: ________ was originally rare and expensive, and again often less than true to life.
Color photographyRGB color modelPhotographic printingPhotographic processing

Question 6: Even when most studios had the capability to make color films, they were not heavily utilized as tinting techniques and the ________ process were expensive and difficult.
Warner Bros.Color motion picture filmTechnicolorRKO Pictures

Question 7: Wim Wenders' ________ film Wings of Desire uses sepia-tone black-and-white for the scenes shot from the angels' perspective.

Question 8: Black-and-white is a number of monochrome forms in ________.
PaintingFine artSculptureVisual arts

Question 9: Most ________ had monochrome (black-and-white, black and green, or black and amber) screens until the late 1980s; however, some home computers could be connected to television screens to eliminate the extra cost of a monitor.
Central processing unitPersonal computerComputerLinux

Question 10: Some claim that ________ was the major impetus for the change to color.
USA TodayGannett CompanyThe Des Moines RegisterDetroit Free Press

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