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Bitter orange: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the binomial of Bitter orange?
Citrus aurantium
Tremella frondosa
Psychotria forsteriana
Aplocheilichthys vitschumbaensis

Question 2:
What is the binomial authority of Bitter orange?
L., 1753
Murphy & Harper, 1916
Smitt, 1898

Question 3:
What family does Bitter orange belong to?

Question 4: The name "bitter orange", also known as Seville orange, sour orange, bigarade orange, and marmalade orange, refers to a ________ tree (Citrus aurantium) and its fruit.
GrapefruitCitrusOrange (fruit)Citron

Question 5:
What genus does Bitter orange belong to?

Question 6: The ________ found that "there is currently little evidence that bitter orange is safer to use than ephedra."[4] There is no evidence that bitter orange is effective in promoting weight loss.
John E. Fogarty International CenterNational Center for Complementary and Alternative MedicineNational Center for Research ResourcesNational Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Question 7: It is used as grafting stock for ________ trees, in marmalade, and in the liqueurs Triple sec, Grand Marnier and Curaçao.
CitronOrange (fruit)CitrusGrapefruit

Question 8: The Belgian ________ (white beer) is a beer made from wheat which is spiced with the peel of the bitter orange.
BreadWeissbierSpeltWheat beer

Question 9: Bitter orange contains synephrine, a substance similar to ephedrine, which acts on the α1 adrenergic receptor to constrict blood vessels and increase ________ and heart rate.
Renin-angiotensin systemBlood pressureVasodilationCirculatory system

Question 10: Many varieties of bitter oranges are used for their ________, which is used in perfume and as a flavoring.
GingerAromatherapyEssential oilPeppermint

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