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Bishops' Wars: Quiz


Question 1: To gain time he agreed to a General Assembly of the Church of Scotland which met at ________ in November 1638, but the Assembly firmly decided that bishops were to be deposed or excommunicated and the prayer book abolished.

Question 2: [1] Meanwhile a series of minor engagements between Covenanters and Scottish royalist forces took place in ________.
Kincardine and MearnsDrumoakStonehavenAberdeenshire

Question 3: Opposition to Charles became more formal, with people of all classes showing their open resistance by signing the ________.
English Civil WarOliver CromwellCovenanterIrish Confederate Wars

Question 4: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Copyright infringementPublic domainIntellectual propertyCopyright

Question 5: The so-called Short Parliament demanded redress of grievances, the abandonment of the royal claim to levy ship money, and a complete change in the ________ system.
EcclesiologyChristian theologyBiblical canonChristology

Question 6: [3] This was followed by two minor engagements known as the "Trot of Turriff" and the battle of the Brig o' Dee to the south of ________.

Question 7: The Bishops' Wars (also called Bellum Episcopale), a series of armed encounters and defiances between ________ and Scotland in 1639 and 1640, were part of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.
United KingdomEnglandBritish peopleWales

Question 8: His attempts to control the situation by diktat from ________ were futile, and by July 1638 he advised his English Privy Council that he would have to use force.

Question 9: Charles, believing that the Scots were intriguing with ________, fancied that England, in hatred of its ancient foe, would now be ready to rally to his standard.
CanadaUnited KingdomFranceItaly

Question 10: The descendants of these two factions can be seen easily in modern America, in the form of Episcopalians and ________, respectively.
Covenant theologyProtestantismChristianityPresbyterianism

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