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Question 1: The Diocese is one of the oldest in the country and its bishop is a member of the ________.
Parliament of the United KingdomHouse of Commons of the United KingdomHouse of LordsPolitics of the United Kingdom

Question 2: ________ 1081-1096
Hugh de PuisetRanulf FlambardWilliam de St-CalaisWilliam Walcher

Question 3: The Bishop of Durham is the Anglican ________ responsible for the diocese of Durham in the province of York.

Question 4: ________ 1284-1310; also Titular Patriarch of Jerusalem from 1306 to 1311, the only Englishman ever to hold this post.
Antony BekRichard NeileNicholas FarnhamRanulf Flambard

Question 5: ________ 1879-1889
John CosinEdward MaltbyBrooke Foss WestcottJoseph Barber Lightfoot

Question 6: ________ 1153-1195
Michael RamseyRanulf FlambardWilliam de St-CalaisHugh de Puiset

Question 7: ________ 1209-1213 election quashed, later elected and consecrated
Richard FoxeHugh de PuisetWilliam de St-CalaisRichard Poore

Question 8: In signatures, the bishop's family name is replaced by Dunelm, from the Latin name for Durham (the Latinised form of ________ Dunholm).
Middle High GermanOld EnglishMiddle EnglishGreat Vowel Shift

Question 9: ________ 1952-1956
Edmund GrindalCosmo Gordon LangCharles Thomas LongleyMichael Ramsey

Question 10: Other duties of the Bishop of Durham include (with the ________) escorting the sovereign at the coronation.
Bishop of Bath and WellsArchbishop of CanterburyArchbishop of YorkChurch of England


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