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Question 1: A bishop must be a married high priest in the ________.
New CovenantMessianic JudaismJesusMelchizedek priesthood

Question 2: Provide temporally for the members of the ward — Bishops also have the responsibility to oversee the payment of ________ and offerings in a ward, including the duty to accurately account for all money donated within his ward.
TitheCharitable organizationAltruismAlms

Question 3: Newel K. Whitney was then called to be "Second Bishop" to oversee the temporal affairs of the church in Kirtland, ________.
New JerseyIndianaOhioMichigan

Question 4: Bishop is the highest priesthood office of the ________ in the Latter Day Saint movement.
Aaronic priesthoodMelchizedek priesthood (Latter Day Saints)Seventy (Latter Day Saints)Priesthood (LDS Church)

Question 5: According to Latter-day Saint scripture, a bishop does not need to be a high priest nor does he need counselors if he is a Levite and a direct descendant of ________, Moses’ brother.
Enoch (Biblical figure)IsaacAaronAbraham

Question 6: Partridge emigrated to the church's growing colony in Jackson County, ________, and continued to act as "First Bishop" of the church there.

Question 7: A bishop simultaneously serves as the president of the ________ and president of the Priests Quorum in the ward.
Seventy (Latter Day Saints)Priesthood (LDS Church)Melchizedek priesthood (Latter Day Saints)Aaronic priesthood

Question 8: In some cases, the bishop presides over a church ________ where the outcome can include admonishment, probation, disfellowshipment, or, excommunication depending on the severity of the sin and the attitude of the wardmember.
Bishop (Latter Day Saints)Melchizedek priesthood (Latter Day Saints)Disciplinary councilPriesthood (LDS Church)

Question 9: The Latter Day Saint concept of the office differs significantly from the role of bishops in other ________ denominations, being in some respects more analogous to a pastor or parish priest.
ChristianJesusCatholic ChurchChristianity

Question 10: These organizations are: Sunday School, Relief Society, Young Men Presidency, Young Women Presidency, Primary, ________ Quorums and Young Women Class Presidencies.
Seventy (Latter Day Saints)Melchizedek priesthood (Latter Day Saints)Priesthood (LDS Church)Aaronic priesthood


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