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Question 1: ________ Rate – A family may have more children if a country's IMR is high as it is likely some of those children will die.
BurialInfant mortalitySuicideDeath

Question 2: Social and religious beliefs - especially in relation to contraception and ________
AbortifacientFetal rightsAbortion lawAbortion

Question 3: Another indicator of fertility that is frequently used is the ________, which is the average number of children born to each woman over the course of her life.
Demographic-economic paradoxSub-replacement fertilityTotal fertility rateBirth rate

Question 4: ________ (TFR): The mean number of children a woman is expected to bear during her child-bearing years.
Demographic-economic paradoxBirth rateSub-replacement fertilityTotal fertility rate

Question 5: ________ levels – Children can be seen as an economic resource in developing countries as they can earn money.
PovertyPoverty reductionOverpopulationFamine

Question 6: Crude birth rate is the nativity or ________ per 1,000 people per year.
ChildbirthBreech birthEctopic pregnancyMiscarriage

Question 7: For example, China's ________; measures such as improved information about and availability of birth control have achieved similar results in countries such as Iran.
One-child policyOverpopulationWorld populationUnited Nations Population Fund

Question 8: Economic prosperity (although in theory when the economy is doing well families can afford to have more children, in practice the higher the economic prosperity the lower the birth rate: the ________).
Fertility and intelligenceDemographic-economic paradoxDemographic transitionSub-replacement fertility

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