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Birth of the Italian Republic: Quiz


Question 1: Part of the eastern provinces (Trieste, Gorizia and ________) had not yet been reintegrated into Italy, and therefore had not been included in the vote.

Question 2: The Italian referendum was intended only to determine whether the ________ should come from a family dynasty or be elected by popular vote.
MonarchyUnited KingdomMonarchHead of state

Question 3: Until 1946, Italy was officially a monarchy ruled by the ________, kings of Italy since the Risorgimento (and previously of Sardinia).
House of HabsburgHouse of SavoyHouse of BourbonHohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Question 4: On 9 May, Victor Emanuele left Italy from ________ by ship, after a long meeting with Umberto.

Question 5: Essential issues that needed to be resolved included the relationship of the Kingdom with the ________.
Catholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope John Paul IIPope

Question 6: ________ was not a new concept in Italian politics.
John LockeAuthoritarianismDemocracyGottfried Leibniz

Question 7: Under pressure from ________, Mussolini established the "Italian Social Republic" to administer the German-occupied territory.
Adolf HitlerSchutzstaffelNazi GermanyNazi Party

Question 8: Following a second decree (decreto legge luogotenenziale 16 marzo 1946, n. 98), during the government of De Gasperi, a ________ was held on June 2 and June 3, 1946.
United KingdomBy-electionElections by countryReferendum

Question 9: The support of the ruling elite and especially the monarchy was crucial for the seizure of power by ________.
FascismItalian FascismBenito MussoliniAxis powers

Question 10: The reputation of the Crown was further impaired by the Brindisi episode, when the royal family fled Rome in secrecy to seek safety in the town of ________, Puglia, just a few hours after the armistice.
CarovignoBrindisiOstuniSan Vito dei Normanni

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