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Question 1: In all countries, it is the responsibility of the mother's physician, ________, hospital administrator, or the parents of the child to see that the birth is properly registered with the appropriate government agency.
Home birthChildbirthMidwiferyCertified Nurse Midwife

Question 2: The registration of births, marriages and deaths in the ________ started in 1837, but at first there was no penalty for failing to register a birth.
CanadaUnited KingdomEnglandWales

Question 3: Yet, the federal government is extremely dependent upon this state function because the Fourteenth Amendment expressly grounds American citizenship upon birth in the United States (a ________ system of citizenship).
Jus soliNationality lawNicaraguaFrance

Question 4: “…it’s a small paper but it actually establishes who you are and gives access to the rights and the privileges, and the obligations, of citizenship” - ________, February 2005.
Frederik Willem de KlerkNelson MandelaSouth Africa under apartheidDesmond Tutu

Question 5: That agency will issue certified copies or representations of the original birth record upon request, which can be used to apply for government benefits, such as ________.
Kosovan passportTrinidad and Tobago passportBritish National (Overseas)Passport

Question 6: [1] The compulsory registration of births with governmental agencies is a practice that originated in the ________ in 1853.
WalesEnglandUnited KingdomCanada

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