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Birdman: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a modern comedic spinoff series
Robot ChickenHarvey Birdman, Attorney at LawAdult SwimAqua Teen Hunger Force

Question 2: ________, professional American skateboarder
Fred DryerGene LittlerTed WilliamsTony Hawk

Question 3: In mythology, ________ are a hybrid between bird and human
FantasyFantasy tropes and conventionsHoward the DuckBird people

Question 4: ________, a 1970s Australian punk/garage group
Radio BirdmanDeniz TekNew RacePunk rock

Question 5: Robert Franklin Stroud, "________", famous for raising birds
United StatesBirdman of Alcatraz (film)Robert Franklin StroudKansas

Question 6: ________, a 1967 sci-fi animated TV series
Harvey BirdmanHarvey Birdman, Attorney at LawBirdman and the Galaxy TrioHanna-Barbera

Question 7: The Bird Man, a fictional character in Terry Goodkind's ________ series
Wizard's First RuleThe Sword of TruthLegends (book)Legend of the Seeker

Question 8: Birdman or birdmen petroglyphs or paintings of Frigate Bird/Human hybrids from ________ (Easter island)
French PolynesiaNiueWallis and FutunaEaster Island

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