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Question 1: Considerable interest has been taken due to the global spread of ________, however migrant birds have not been found to be a special risk, with import of pet and domestic birds being a greater threat.
Influenzavirus BAvian influenzaInfluenzavirus CInfluenza A virus

Question 2: The most pelagic species, mainly in the 'tubenose' order ________, are great wanderers, and the albatrosses of the southern oceans may circle the globe as they ride the "roaring forties" outside the breeding season.

Question 3: Species like the ________ are not migratory in Britain, but will move south or to Ireland in very cold weather.
AfricaBramblingChaffinchBlue Chaffinch

Question 4: Examples are the Point Pelee National Park in Canada, and Spurn in ________.
ScotlandUnited KingdomWalesEngland

Question 5: Bird migration is the regular seasonal journey undertaken by many species of ________.
ArchaeopteryxModern birdsBirdEnantiornithes

Question 6: Navigation has also been shown to be based on a combination of other abilities including the ability to detect magnetic fields (________), use visual landmarks as well as olfactory cues.
CryptochromeMagnetotactic bacteriaMagnetoceptionElectroreception

Question 7: The climate of the breeding area is important, and few species can cope with the harsh winters of inland ________ or northern Eurasia.
CanadaUnited StatesUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 8: These include many birds of prey such as vultures, ________, and buzzards, but also storks.
Bald EagleGolden EagleEagleAquila (genus)

Question 9: The ________ has the longest-distance migration of any bird, and sees more daylight than any other, moving from its Arctic breeding grounds to the Antarctic non-breeding areas.
Arctic TernRoseate TernCommon TernSeabird

Question 10: There are a few species, notably ________, which are genuine long-distance migrants within the tropics.
CuckooChannel-billed CuckooBirdBird migration


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