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Question 1: These are the wings favored by the larger species of inland birds, such as ________, vultures, pelicans, and storks.
EagleGolden EagleAquila (genus)Bald Eagle

Question 2: [7] Modern ________ are classified as coelurosaurs by nearly all palaeontologists,[8], though not by a few ornithologists.
Modern birdsBirdArchaeopteryxEnantiornithes

Question 3: Most paleontologists agree that birds evolved from small theropod ________, but the origin of bird flight is one of the oldest and most hotly contested debates in paleontology.

Question 4: The vanes of the ________ have hooklets called barbules that zip them together, giving the feathers the strength needed to hold the airfoil (these are often lost in flightless birds).
ArchaeopteryxFeatherFlight featherAlula

Question 5: ________ is produced by the action of air flow on the wing, which is an airfoil.
Navier–Stokes equationsLift (force)Bernoulli's principleFluid dynamics

Question 6: There has also been debate about whether the earliest known bird, ________, could fly.
PalaeognathaeEnantiornithesArchaeopteryxModern birds

Question 7: ________ are very common in coelurosaurid dinosaurs (including the early tyrannosauroid Dilong).
Flight featherArchaeopteryxBirdFeather

Question 8: It suggests that proto-birds like ________ used their claws to clamber up trees and glided off from the tops.
ArchaeopteryxModern birdsPalaeognathaeEnantiornithes

Question 9: It predicts an ________-like animal, with a skeleton more or less identical to terrestrial theropods, with few adaptations to flapping, but very advanced aerodynamic asymmetrical feathers.

Question 10: Flight assists birds while feeding, breeding and avoiding ________.
Apex predatorCarnivoreHerbivorePredation

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