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  • the social systems of some bee-eaters are the most complex of any bird, including four tiers: pair, family, clan and colony?

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Question 1: Triangle Island, for example, the largest seabird colony in ________, Canada, is home to auks, gulls, cormorants, shorebirds, and other birds, as well as some marine mammals.
AlbertaPacific NorthwestOntarioBritish Columbia

Question 2: [17] Other costs include ________ and competition for food and territory.
KleptoparasitismMimicryBirdBrood parasite

Question 3: For example, there was once a large seabird known as the ________, which nested in colonies in the North Atlantic.
Great AukPolar bearEuropeWalrus

Question 4: This hypothesis would explain why the Lesser Kestrel, which feeds on insects, breeds in colonies, while the related ________, which feeds on larger prey, is not.
Common KestrelFalconBirdAmerican Kestrel

Question 5: In North America, the case of the highly gregarious ________ has been well-documented.
Passenger PigeonMourning DoveOhioUnited States

Question 6: ________, egrets, storks, and other large waterfowl also nest communally in what are called heronries.
NeognathaeGreat EgretHeronBird

Question 7: One well-studied case of this phenomenon has been the effect on Common Murre colonies on islands in ________, where foxes were introduced for fur farming.
WashingtonAlaskaNorthwestern United StatesUnited States

Question 8: A bird colony is a large congregation of individuals of one or more species of ________ that nest and/or roost in close proximity at a particular location.
EnantiornithesModern birdsArchaeopteryxBird

Question 9: Many species of ________ nest in colonies on the ground.
SternaGreater Crested TernArctic TernTern

Question 10: Colonial nesting birds include seabirds such as auks and ________; wetland species such as herons; and a few passerines such as weaverbirds, certain blackbirds, and some swallows.


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