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Biorhythm: Quiz


Question 1: Certain facets of biorhythmics are likened by proponents to concepts found in weather forecasting (commonly known as ________).
MeteorologyPrecipitation (meteorology)ThunderstormMETAR

Question 2: In addition, there exist free and proprietary ________ that offer more advanced charting and analysis capabilities.
Computer softwareComputerProgramming languageComputer program

Question 3: ________ are the biological rhythms having a period of about 24 hours (lasting a day).
Circadian rhythmMelatoninChronobiologySuprachiasmatic nucleus

Question 4: Critics state that biorhythms are based only upon ________ associations.
GematriaDivinatory, esoteric and occult tarotAstrologyNumerology

Question 5: Hermann Swoboda, professor of psychology at the University of Vienna, who was researching periodic variations in ________, looked into the possibility of a rhythmic change in mood and health.
Fatigue (medical)Influenza-like illnessHeadacheFever

Question 6: Some unscrupulous practitioners resemble professional ________ fraud artists.
Feng shuiAstrologyDivinationFortune-telling

Question 7: Biorhythmics is either a protoscientific branch or a ________, depending on opinion, that studies biorhythms or deal with biorhythms.
PseudoscienceFringe scienceRelationship between religion and scienceScientific method

Question 8: "Bio-" pertains to ________ and "rhythm" pertains to the flow with regular movement.

Question 9: ________ is a branch of biology that studies rhythms in living beings.

Question 10: Experimental data fail ________.
Peer reviewScientific journalOpen peer reviewScientific method


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