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Bioreactor: Quiz


Question 1: These organisms use light through photosynthesis as their ________ source and do not require sugars or lipids as energy source.

Question 2: Virtually any translucent container could be called a PBR, however the term is more commonly used to define a closed system, as opposed to an open tank or ________.
Kelp forestWetlandPondTemperate broadleaf and mixed forests

Question 3: The simplest, where cells are immobilized, is a Petri dish with ________ gel.
Growth mediumAgarFungusSeaweed

Question 4: For more information on artificial tissue culture, see ________.
BiotechnologyMaterials scienceTissue engineeringCeramic engineering

Question 5: Most industrial bioreactor manufacturers use vessels, sensors and a ________ networked together.
Control systemControl theoryProgrammable logic controllerProcess control

Question 6: A ________ is needed to maintain the bioprocess at a constant temperature.
Heat exchangerWaterShell and tube heat exchangerFouling

Question 7: These devices are being developed for use in ________.
Tissue engineeringMaterials scienceBiotechnologyCeramic engineering

Question 8: A bioreactor may also refer to a device or system meant to grow cells or tissues in the context of ________.
CancerDNACell cultureVirology

Question 9: [1] In one case, a bioreactor is a vessel in which is carried out a chemical process which involves ________ or biochemically active substances derived from such organisms.

Question 10: Photobioreactors are used to grow small phototrophic organisms such as cyanobacteria, ________ , or moss plants [2].
Cell wallWild fisheriesAlgaePhotosynthesis


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