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Question 1: ________ is a condition where degraded proteins accumulate in body tissues.
Cardiac amyloidosisAmyloidosisFamilial Mediterranean feverAlzheimer's disease

Question 2: Biopsies of the ________ can be performed in a variety of ways depending on the location.
LungDigestionRespiratory systemImmune system

Question 3: In Wilson's disease, the biopsy is used to determine the quantitative ________ level.

Question 4: [3] ________ examination of a biopsy can determine whether a lesion is benign or malignant, and can help differentiate between different types of cancer.
InfectionDiseasePathologyInfectious disease

Question 5: After the biopsy is performed, the sample of tissue that was removed from the patient is sent to the ________ laboratory.
DiseaseInfectious diseasePathologyInfection

Question 6: In malignancies of blood cells (________ and lymphoma) a bone marrow biopsy is used in staging the disease.
LeukemiaAcute biphenotypic leukaemiaLeukemoid reactionHematological malignancy

Question 7: Multiple methods for ________ exist.
KeratoacanthomaPathologySkin biopsySquamous cell carcinoma

Question 8: A shave biopsy is absolutely useless in diagnosising vasculitis, whereas an excisional biopsy might be excessive in diagnosing a possible ________.
Basal cell carcinomaNevusSquamous cell carcinomaMelanoma

Question 9: Depending on the location of the lesion to be biopsied, a ________ will often perform needle localization beforehand to guide the surgeon to the site being biopsied.
SurgeryNuclear medicineRadiologyMedicine

Question 10: A technique similar to FNA can also be used by the ________ or surgeon to drain fluid from a benign cyst.
MedicineRadiologyNuclear medicineSurgery

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