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Question 1: The patent laws in the United States and ________ differ somewhat on the requirements for a patent, with the European requirements are perceived as more difficult to satisfy.
Western EuropeBalkansEuropeEastern Europe

Question 2: Within the ________, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exerts strict control over the commercial distribution of a pharmaceutical product, including biopharmaceuticals.
CanadaPhilippinesAlaskaUnited States

Question 3: ________ - Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
VisilizumabMonoclonal antibodiesNatalizumabOcrelizumab

Question 4: They are typically manufactured in a ________ environment with set standards for the amount of airborne particles.
Semiconductor device fabricationCleanroomParticle counterSterilization (microbiology)

Question 5: The first such substance approved for therapeutic use was biosynthetic 'human' ________ made via recombinant DNA technology.
Endocrine systemAdiponectinGlucagonInsulin

Question 6: Haematopoietic growth factors (________, colony stimulating factors)
Atrial natriuretic peptideVasopressinReninErythropoietin

Question 7: Blood factors (________ and Factor IX)
Factor VIIIFactor XPlasminAntithrombin

Question 8: Interferon-β - Treatment of ________
Poser criteriaNeuromyelitis opticaMultiple sclerosisAcute disseminated encephalomyelitis

Question 9: Vaccines (________ surface antigen)
Hepatitis BAIDSHerpes simplexHerpes simplex virus

Question 10: Sometimes referred to as rHI, under the trade name Humulin, was developed by Genentech, but licensed to ________, who manufactured and marketed the product starting in 1982.
Eli Lilly controversiesFluoxetineTadalafilEli Lilly and Company


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