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Bionix AFV: Quiz


Question 1: The replacement of the original turret decreases the overall weight to 17 tonnes, light enough to be air-lifted by a ________ plane.
Lockheed Model 10 ElectraC-130J Super HerculesLockheed Model 18 LodestarC-130 Hercules

Question 2: This prompted the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) to source for a fleet of armored vehicles to operate in tandem with the current fleet of AMX-13 SM1 ________.
Tank classificationPanzer IVT-34Panzer I

Question 3: [2][3] The Bionix has been operational with the ________ (SAF) since 1999 in a wide variety of adaptations including the Bionix II, Bionix 25 and Bionix 40/50 variants.
Singapore Armed ForcesLebanese Armed ForcesMyanmar Armed ForcesSri Lanka Armed Forces

Question 4: The basic production models lacks an in-built NBC protection and ________ system, but can be fitted if/when needed.
Evaporative coolerAir conditionerAir conditioningHVAC

Question 5: The Bionix (BX) is a family of tracked Singaporean armoured fighting vehicles developed by ________ (formerly Singapore Technologies Automotive, which is now known as Singapore Technologies Engineering).
SSPH PrimusSAR 21ST KineticsFH-2000

Question 6: United States ________
BMP-3M1 AbramsM2/M3 Bradley Fighting VehicleInfantry fighting vehicle

Question 7: United Kingdom ________
Centurion tankWarrior tracked armoured vehicleChallenger 2Challenger 1

Question 8: A market survey was conducted in which various armored vehicles including the Warrior Tracked Armoured Vehicle, the ________, and the Sch├╝tzenpanzer Marder were evaluated.
M1 AbramsM2/M3 Bradley Fighting VehicleInfantry fighting vehicleBMP-3

Question 9: Bionix ARV - ________ variant equipped with a 25 tonne winch and a 30 tonne crane.
Leopard 2T-34Armoured recovery vehicleCenturion tank

Question 10: SAF Defence Watch - Bionix II at YouTube (requires ________)
Adobe DreamweaverAdobe After EffectsAdobe FlashAdobe Flash Player


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