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Question 1: Another biological role is energy storage (e.g., ________).
LipidTriglycerideCholesterolFatty acid

Question 2: Quaternary structure is a unique attribute of polymeric and heteromeric proteins like ________, which consists of two alpha and two beta peptide chains.
Glycated hemoglobinHemoglobinArterial blood gasSerum iron

Question 3: With 2-10 amino acids such chains are called ________, with 10-100 they are often called polypeptides, and longer chains are known as proteins.
PeptideAfamelanotideMelanotan IIBremelanotide

Question 4: Organic cofactors can be either prosthetic groups, which are tightly bound to an enzyme, or ________, which are released from the enzyme's active site during the reaction.
MetalloproteinAdenosine triphosphateCofactor (biochemistry)Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

Question 5: Most lipids consist of a polar or hydrophilic head (typically glycerol) and one to three nonpolar or ________ fatty acid tails, and therefore they are amphiphilic.
SuperhydrophobeHydrophileHydrophobeChemical polarity

Question 6: Besides those used in protein synthesis, other biologically important amino acids include ________ (used in lipid transport within a cell), ornithine, GABA and taurine.
CarnitineFolic acidAcetylcarnitineMelatonin

Question 7: As organic molecules, biomolecules consist primarily of ________ and hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, and, to a smaller extent, phosphorus and sulfur.

Question 8: Other lipids include prostaglandins and leukotrienes which are both 20-carbon fatty acyl units synthesized from ________.
Eicosapentaenoic acidArachidonic acidLipoxinEicosanoid

Question 9: ________ is a random polymer composed mainly of aromatic rings with short (up to three) aliphatic carbons chains connecting the rings.
Cell wallFungusLigninPlant

Question 10: There are twenty amino acids that are encoded by the standard ________, but there are more than 500 natural amino acids.
ProteinDNAFrancis CrickGenetic code


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