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Question 1: Relevant mathematical tools include linear algebra, ________, vector and tensor calculus, numerics and computational techniques such as the finite element method.
Differential equationMathematicsDynamical systems theoryApplied mathematics

Question 2: ________ is readily evident in many soft tissues, where there is energy dissipation, or hysteresis, between the loading and unloading of the tissue during mechanical tests.
ViscoelasticityLinear elasticityViscositySolid

Question 3: The ________ and constitutive relations are also needed to model a continuum.
Classical mechanicsKinematicsRigid bodyForce

Question 4: Soft tissues such as ________, ligament and cartilage are combinations of matrix proteins and fluid.

Question 5: moments of inertia), ________ (e.g.
Computer scienceProgramming paradigmComputer programmingSoftware engineering

Question 6: Elements of ________ (e.g.
Entertainment engineeringMechanical engineeringAerospace engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 7: Some simple applications of Newtonian mechanics can supply correct approximations on each level, but precise details demand the use of ________.
Fluid dynamicsFluid mechanicsContinuum mechanicsViscosity

Question 8: Under most circumstances, blood flow can be modeled by the ________.
Fluid mechanicsNavier–Stokes equationsFluid dynamicsViscosity

Question 9: It is often appropriate to model living tissues as ________.
Fluid dynamicsContinuum mechanicsFluid mechanicsViscosity

Question 10: The biomechanics of ________ beings is a core part of kinesiology.
HumanHuman evolutionMindHomo


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