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Biome: Quiz


Question 1: Biomes are often identified with particular patterns of ________ and climax vegetation (quasi-equilibrium state of the local ecosystem).
Ecological successionClimax communitySeral communityEcology

Question 2: In terrestrial biomes, species diversity tends to correlate positively with net primary productivity, moisture availability, and ________.
Water vaporTemperatureLightningThermodynamic temperature

Question 3: 14 ________ (subtropical and tropical, salt water inundated)
Neotropic ecozoneMangroveMontane grasslands and shrublandsDeserts and xeric shrublands

Question 4: According to the World Wildlife Fund, the following are classified as ________ biomes:[9]
Water resourcesLakeFreshwaterEarth

Question 5: ________: Arctic, boreal, temperate, subtropical, tropical.
EquatorLatitudeAntarctic CirclePrime Meridian

Question 6: Sometimes an entire biome may be targeted for protection, especially under an individual nation's ________.
OverpopulationBiodiversity Action PlanConservation biologyConvention on Biological Diversity

Question 7: An ecosystem has many ________ and a biome is a major habitat type.

Question 8: ________ generally increases away from the poles towards the equator and increases with humidity.
BiodiversityNatureEcologyConservation biology

Question 9: The most widely used systems of classifying biomes correspond to ________ (or temperature zoning) and humidity.
EquatorAntarctic CirclePrime MeridianLatitude

Question 10: Tropical grasslands are known as savanna in Australia, whereas in Southern Africa it is known as veldt (from ________).
Zulu languageAfrikaansDutch languageEnglish language


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