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Question 1: The success of top predatory-bird recovery (________, peregrine falcons) in North America following the ban on DDT use in agriculture is testament to the importance of biomagnification.
Bald EagleWhite-tailed EagleRed-tailed HawkGolden Eagle

Question 2: For example, though mercury is only present in small amounts in seawater, it is absorbed by algae (generally as ________).
OxygenCarbonMercury poisoningMethylmercury

Question 3: Trophic transfer and biomagnification potential of contaminants in ________.
Lentic ecosystemBenthosLotic ecosystemAquatic ecosystem

Question 4: Biomagnification, also known as bioamplification or biological magnification, is the increase in concentration of a substance, such as the pesticide ________, that occurs in a food chain as a consequence of:

Question 5: ________, (lipophilic) or fat soluble substances cannot be diluted, broken down, or excreted in urine, a water-based medium, and so accumulate in fatty tissues of an organism if the organism lacks enzymes to degrade them.

Question 6: Bioaccumulation occurs within a ________, and is the increase in concentration of a substance in certain tissues of organisms' bodies due to absorption from food and the environment.
EcosystemChemosynthesisTrophic levelAutotroph

Question 7: Although sometimes used interchangeably with 'bioaccumulation,' an important distinction is drawn between the two, and with bioconcentration, it is also important to distinct between sustainable development and ________ in biomagnification.
Wild fisheriesBiodiversityConservation biologyOverexploitation


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