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Question 1: There are four kinds of biological warfare agents: ________, viruses, rickettsiae and fungi.
Gram-negative bacteriaBacteriaGram-positive bacteriaCorynebacterium

Question 2: The consensus among military analysts is that, except in the context of ________, BW is of little military use.
Bioterrorism1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attackBiological warfare2001 anthrax attacks

Question 3: Without long contact with domesticated animals, indigenous Americans had no resistance to plague, measles, tuberculosis, smallpox or most ________ strains.[citation needed]
Severe acute respiratory syndromeCommon coldInfluenzaViral pneumonia

Question 4: Excerpts: Commander Lord ________ writes July 16, 1763, "P.S.
William Howe, 5th Viscount HoweFrench and Indian WarJeffery Amherst, 1st Baron AmherstSeven Years' War

Question 5: The ________ swept through Eurasia, killing approximately one third to one half of the population and changing the course of Asian and European history.
Black Death migrationPlague (disease)Black DeathPandemic

Question 6: In 1834 Cambridge Diarist Richard Henry Dana visited ________ on a merchant ship.
Oakland, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Francisco

Question 7: Vladimir Pasechnik defected in 1989, and ________, the first deputy director of Biopreparat defected in 1992.
Biological warfareKen AlibekMoscowSoviet Union

Question 8: The United States initiated its weaponization efforts with disease vectors in 1953, focused on Plague-________, EEE-mosquitoes, and yellow fever - mosquitoes (OJ-AP).

Question 9: Biological weapons are so lethal that one gram of purified ________ could kill 10 million people.
Botulinum toxinOnchidalToxiferineEpibatidine

Question 10: ________ in contrast do not reproduce in the victim and need only the briefest of incubation periods; they kill within a few hours.

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