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Question 1: These may be specialized "buds", or motile sexual reproduction products, or even a sort of alteration of generations as in certain ________.

Question 2: Many other taxa (Cladocera, ________, Hydra, Copepoda and so on) can disperse as dormant eggs or embryos.

Question 3: Biological dispersal refers to a ________ movement away from an existing population or away from the parent organism.
EvolutionLifeSpeciesBiological classification

Question 4: An ________ depends critically on the ability of individuals and populations to disperse from one habitat patch to another.
Trophic levelEcosystemEcosystem ecologySystems ecology

Question 5: Through simply moving from one habitat patch to another, the dispersal of an individual has consequences not only for individual fitness, but also for population dynamics, ________, and species distribution.
Genetic erosionEvolutionPopulation geneticsNatural selection

Question 6: Plants produce their own food from sunlight and ________—both generally more abundant on land than in water.
Greenhouse gasCarbon dioxideCarbon cycleCarbon sink

Question 7: In general, ________ significantly vary across the landscape in association with environmental features that influence their reproductive success and population persistence.
LifeSpeciesBiological classificationEvolution

Question 8: ________, some rotifers and some copepods are able to withstand dissecation as adult dormant stages.
Hypsibius dujardiniTardigradeOnychophoraCnidaria

Question 9: Freshwater ________ usually have special dormant propagules called gemmulae for such a dispersal.

Question 10: Dispersal of organisms is a critical process for understanding both geographic isolation in evolution through ________ and the broad patterns of current geographic distributions (biogeography).
Evolutionary developmental biologyPopulation geneticsGene flowNatural selection


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