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Biological classification: Quiz


Question 1: One main characteristic of the three-domain method is the separation of ________ and Bacteria, previously grouped into the single kingdom Bacteria (a kingdom also sometimes called Monera).

Question 2: Linnaeus is best known for his introduction of the method still used to formulate the ________ of every species.
FungusBinomial nomenclatureBotanyTaxonomic rank

Question 3: This convention for naming species is referred to as ________.
BotanyFungusTaxonomic rankBinomial nomenclature

Question 4: Current systems of classifying forms of life descend from the thought presented by the Greek philosopher ________, who published in his metaphysical works the first known classification of everything whatsoever, or "being".
EmpiricismBertrand RussellPlatoAristotle

Question 5: This is the scheme that gave such words as 'substance', 'species' and 'genus' and was retained in modified and less general form by ________.
BotanyCharles DarwinBiologyCarl Linnaeus

Question 6: ________, which uses DNA sequences as data, has driven many recent revisions and is likely to continue to do so.
Phylogenetic treeComputational phylogeneticsMolecular phylogeneticsMaximum parsimony (phylogenetics)

Question 7: A new formal code of nomenclature, the International Code of Phylogenetic Nomenclature, or ________ for short, is currently under development, intended to deal with names of clades.
DNA barcodingPhylogeneticsCladisticsPhyloCode

Question 8: even though the ________ and the peach belonged to different "higher genera" of John Ray's methodus, both retained their traditional names Malus and Malus Persica respectively).
York ImperialZestar AppleAppleGranny Smith

Question 9: These groupings have since been revised to improve consistency with the Darwinian principle of ________.
BiologyCreation–evolution controversyCommon descentEvolution

Question 10: Linnaeus, a classical scholar, combined the two on the threshold of the neo-classicist revival now called the ________.
Age of EnlightenmentHumanismDavid HumeDeism


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