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Question 1: They would typically involve processes such as thermophilic fermentation, ________ and/or photofermentation and gas cleaning.
BiogasBiohydrogenFermentative hydrogen productionDark fermentation

Question 2: Biohydrogen is defined as hydrogen produced biologically, most commonly by ________.
BacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-positive bacteriaGram-negative bacteria

Question 3: Cyanobacteria break down water compounds into hydrogen and oxygen ________ through photosynthesis.

Question 4: ________ is a promising energy carrier that can be derived from a variety of energy sources and used in fuel cells with high efficiency.

Question 5: Biohydrogen is a potential ________ obtainable from waste organic materials.
Index of climate change articlesCarbon footprintBiofuelEmissions trading

Question 6: [2] Industrial hydrogen is generated from ________ by steam reforming.
Carbon taxBiofuelCarbon sinkFossil fuel

Question 7: The electrolysis of water produces hydrogen at a price dependent on the cost of the ________.
ElectricityElectric currentElectric chargeElectromagnetism

Question 8: Three types of microorganisms that can produce hydrogen: ________, anaerobic bacteria, and fermentative bacteria.
Streptococcus iniaeCyanobacteriaProkaryoteGram-positive bacteria


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