Biographical film: Quiz

Question 1: Also, some Selena fans objected to the casting of ________ in a biopic about her because Lopez is Puerto Rican and Selena was Mexican-American.
Do It WellJennifer Lopez discographyJennifer LopezLove? (album)

Question 2: The Errol Flynn film They Died With Their Boots On tells the story of ________ but is highly romanticised.
Robert E. LeeJ.E.B. StuartGeorge Armstrong CusterWinfield Scott Hancock

Question 3: But a more controversial biopic in terms of accuracy is 1999's The Hurricane, about boxer ________ and his hotly-disputed triple murder conviction.
Paterson, New JerseyNew JerseyMuhammad AliRubin Carter

Question 4: In the early 2000s, there was a flood of biographical pictures after Man on the Moon, Ali, ________ and others became widely acclaimed and awarded.
FridaFrida KahloMexico CityDiego Rivera

Question 5: Will Smith and Jim Carrey both gained respect as dramatic actors after starring in biopics, Smith as Muhammad Ali in Ali and Carrey as ________ in Man on the Moon.
Latka GravasTony CliftonI'm from HollywoodAndy Kaufman

Question 6: However, recently some have focused on more dubious figures (________, Blow, Monster, Control etc.).
The Thin Red Line (1998 film)Rain ManThe People vs. Larry FlyntCentral Station (film)

Question 7: ________ defended the The Hurricane and distortions in biographical films in general, stating "those who seek the truth about a man from the film of his life might as well seek it from his loving grandmother.
At the Movies (U.S. TV series)Martin ScorseseDavid LynchRoger Ebert

Question 8: Some felt that ________ should not have played Richard Nixon in Nixon because of a lack of resemblance between the two.
Anthony HopkinsDustin HoffmanLaurence OlivierJack Nicholson

Question 9: The Hurricane is not a documentary but a ________."[1]

Question 10: A certain amount of veracity is expected of biopics, often to reduce the risk of ________, but the films often alter events to suit the storyline.
False lightDefamationFair commentHazing

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