Biogas: Quiz

Question 1: In addition landfill gas' impact in global warming, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained within landfill gas contribute to the formation of ________.
PollutionAir pollutionSmogAir Quality Index

Question 2: Methane within biogas can be concentrated via a biogas upgrader to the same standards as fossil ________, and becomes biomethane.
CoalEnergy developmentNatural gasPetroleum

Question 3: Biogas originates from biogenic material and is a type of ________.
Index of climate change articlesCarbon footprintEmissions tradingBiofuel

Question 4: The resulting biogas was used for ________ in street lamps and homes.
Oil lampGas lightingCandleKerosene lamp

Question 5: This type of biogas is comprised primarily of nitrogen, hydrogen, and ________, with trace amounts of methane.
Nitric oxideCarbon monoxideHydrogen sulfideNitrous oxide

Question 6: A gober gas plant is an airtight circular pit made of ________ with a pipe connection.

Question 7: The composition of biogas varies depending upon the origin of the ________ process.
CompostingAnaerobic digestionRecyclingSewage treatment

Question 8: One type of biogas is produced by ________ or fermentation of biodegradable materials such as biomass, manure, sewage, municipal waste, green waste and energy crops.
Anaerobic digestionCompostingRecyclingSewage treatment

Question 9: [1] This type of biogas comprises primarily methane and ________.
Carbon sinkCarbon cycleCarbon dioxideGreenhouse gas

Question 10: It can also be used in modern waste management facilities where it can be used to run any type of ________, to generate either mechanical or electrical power.
Heat regenerative cyclone engineStirling engineHot air engineHeat engine

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