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Question 1: This matrix is strong enough that under certain conditions, biofilms can become ________.
GeologyFossilPaleontologyGeologic time scale

Question 2: bacteria, archaea, protozoa, fungi and ________; each group performing specialized metabolic functions.
PlantPhotosynthesisAlgaeWild fisheries

Question 3: The development of a biofilm may allow for the aggregate cell colony(ies) to be increasingly ________.
Multiple drug resistanceDrug resistancePharmacologyAntibiotic resistance

Question 4: These first colonists adhere to the surface initially through weak, reversible ________.
Stacking (chemistry)Chemical bondVan der Waals forceLondon dispersion force

Question 5: Dental plaque is the material that adheres to the teeth and consists of bacterial cells (mainly Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanguinis), salivary ________ and bacterial extracellular products.
NylonPlasticPolymer chemistryPolymer

Question 6: ________ are layered accretionary structures formed in shallow water by the trapping, binding and cementation of sedimentary grains by microbial biofilms, especially of cyanobacteria.
DiatomPrimary productionStromatolitePlankton

Question 7: Biofilms can help eliminate ________ oil from contaminated oceans or marine systems.
Peak oilPetroleum industryPetroleumEnergy development

Question 8: [31][32] The rapid progress in biofilm research has also unveiled several genetic regulation mechanisms implicated in biofilm regulation such as ________ and the novel secondary messenger cyclic-di-GMP.
Signal transductionQuorum sensingCytokineCell signaling

Question 9: ________ bacteria are known to grow under certain conditions in biofilms, in which they are protected against disinfectants.
Legionella pneumophilaLegionellaLegionella longbeachaeLegionellosis

Question 10: Chronic infections remain a major challenge for the medical profession and are of great economic relevance because traditional ________ therapy is usually not sufficient to eradicate these infections.
Nucleic acid inhibitorAntibioticAntibiotic misuseATC code J01

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