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BioShock: Quiz


Question 1: As of January 2010 the project is in pre-production stage, with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo attached as director, with Braden Lynch, a voice artist from ________, working on the film.
BioShock 2GameSpotBig Daddy (BioShock)Entertainment Software Rating Board

Question 2:
Which of the following platforms does BioShock run on?

Question 3:
What network screens BioShock?
1 Mbit/s internet connection for online play
Internet only
Internet connection required for activation
Internet connection required for Downloading Cars + Multiplayer

Question 4:
What proceeded BioShock?
EuroFloorball Cup
"Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes
29th Regiment to form
Super Mario Galaxy

Question 5: [156] This teaser used The Pied Pipers' version of "Dream" in much the same way that the first BioShock's soundtrack used ________ tunes.
Traditional pop musicJohnny MercerThe Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song BooksGreat American Songbook

Question 6:
Which of the following is a quote about/from BioShock?
Rapture can become your city as well.
that holds the spring that works the thing-ummy-bob
Kingdom of the Netherlands RepresentativennLeonard M. Isitt
Could thou perchance a zebra be?

Question 7:
Who developed BioShock?
MGM Interactive
Interactive Designs
Takara Tomy and AQ Interactive
Feral Interactive

Question 8:
Who was the composer of BioShock?

Question 9:
Which of the following modes does BioShock have?

Question 10: The ________ described it as "a beautiful, brutal, and disquieting computer game ...
The Boston GlobeStar-BannerTelegram & GazetteThe New York Times

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