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Binding of Isaac: Quiz


Question 1: There has been speculation within Christianity whether the Binding occurred upon the Temple Mount or upon ________, the hill upon which Christ was crucified, which is in the vicinity.
True CrossBibleNew TestamentCalvary

Question 2: Abraham and Isaac, a sacred ballad for baritone and orchestra: 1963 work by ________.
Sviatoslav RichterMstislav RostropovichDmitri ShostakovichIgor Stravinsky

Question 3: Isaac and Abraham: 1992 song by ________ from the album Play Me Backwards.
Ring Them BellsRare, Live & ClassicJoan BaezIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Question 4: Story of Isaac: 1969 song by ________ from the album Songs from a Room.
Leonard CohenHallelujah (Leonard Cohen song)The FutureNew Skin for the Old Ceremony

Question 5: The Law & Order episode "Angel" (first aired 29 November 1995): loosely based on the story of ________, but added a religious motive for the murder.
Susan SmithAndrea YatesSamuel L. JacksonFreedomland (film)

Question 6: The Cave: 1994 opera by ________.
Minimalist musicPhilip GlassTehillim (Reich)Steve Reich

Question 7: Rabbi Yona Ibn Janach (________, 11th century) wrote that God demanded only a symbolic sacrifice.

Question 8: Abraham: 2004 song by ________ from the album Seven Swans.
Michigan (album)Sufjan StevensIllinois (album)The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album

Question 9: [5] The early dispute was more concerned with Persian rather than Jewish rivalry with ________, since the Persians claimed to be of descendants of Isaac.
Arab peopleSyriaPalestinian peopleIraq

Question 10: Hyperion: 1989 science fiction novel by ________.
Hyperion CantosStephen KingDan SimmonsHarlan Ellison


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