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Binary numeral system: Quiz


Question 1: Their Complex Number Computer, completed January 8, 1940, was able to calculate ________.
Complex numberReal numberVector spaceField (mathematics)

Question 2: [1][2] He used binary numbers in the form of short and long syllables (the latter equal in length to two short syllables), making it similar to ________.
ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-13Morse codeISO/IEC 8859-16

Question 3: In 1605 ________ discussed a system whereby letters of the alphabet could be reduced to sequences of binary digits, which could then be encoded as scarcely visible variations in the font in any random text.
Immanuel KantIsaac NewtonAlfred North WhiteheadFrancis Bacon

Question 4: For example, an ________ left of a binary number is the equivalent of multiplication by a (positive, integral) power of 2.
Arithmetic shiftC (programming language)Logical shiftBitwise operation

Question 5: In November 1937, George Stibitz, then working at ________, completed a relay-based computer he dubbed the "Model K" (for "Kitchen", where he had assembled it), which calculated using binary addition.
American Telephone & TelegraphWestern ElectricBell LabsBell System

Question 6: In keeping with customary representation of numerals using ________, binary numbers are commonly written using the symbols 0 and 1.
Arabic languageArabic numeralsAbjad numeralsEastern Arabic numerals

Question 7: The simplest arithmetic operation in binary is ________.
Vector spaceAddition0 (number)Algebraic structure

Question 8: The correspondence between octal and binary numerals is the same as for the first eight digits of ________ in the table above.
Hebrew numeralsRoman numeralsHexadecimalDuodecimal

Question 9: Entitled A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits, Shannon's thesis essentially founded practical ________ design.
Integrated circuitDigital electronicsLogic gateComputer

Question 10: Similar sets of binary combinations have also been used in traditional ________ divination systems such as Ifá as well as in medieval Western geomancy.
African peopleAfrican UnionScramble for AfricaIndigenous peoples

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