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Binary fission: Quiz


Question 1: Each circular DNA strand then attaches to the ________.
Cell nucleusCell membraneCell (biology)Vesicle (biology)

Question 2: Binary fission begins with ________.
DNA replicationTelomeraseReplication forkPrimer (molecular biology)

Question 3: Cell division in bacteria is controlled by the ________, a collection of about a dozen proteins that collect around the site of division.

Question 4: Binary fission, or prokaryotic fission, is the form of ________ and cell division used by all prokaryotes, some protozoa, and some organelles within eukaryotic organisms.
MicroorganismAsexual reproductionPlantFungus

Question 5: ________ and cytokinesis are not the same as binary fission; specifically, binary fission cannot be divided into prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase because prokaryotes have no nucleus and no centromeres.
MitosisPreprophaseMeiosisCell cycle

Question 6: The ability of some multicellular animals, such as ________ and flatworms, to regenerate two whole organisms after having been cut in half, is also not the same as binary fission.

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