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Binary decision diagram: Quiz


Question 1: Every arbitrary BDD (even if it is not reduced or ordered) can be directly implemented by replacing each node with a 2 to 1 multiplexer; each multiplexer can be directly implemented by a 4-LUT in a ________.
System-on-a-chipApplication-specific integrated circuitField-programmable gate arrayProgrammable logic device

Question 2: Eliminate any node whose two children are ________.
Binary relationEquivalence relationIsomorphismVector space

Question 3: The left figure below shows a binary decision tree (the reduction rules are not applied), and a ________, each representing the function f (x1, x2, x3).
Logical connectiveTruth tableValidityPropositional calculus

Question 4: There are several lesser known applications of BDD, including ________ analysis, Bayesian Reasoning and Product Configuration.
Idaho National LaboratoryFault tree analysisSafety engineeringInternational Space Station


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