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Billava: Quiz


Question 1: Just like Theyyam in ________, Tulu regions have Nema, a kind of spirit worship.
ThiruvananthapuramMalayaliKeralaKochi, India

Question 2: The delegation appraised ________ about the problems faced by the Billawas.
Narayana GuruSwami KrishnanandaAdi ShankaraSwami Vivekananda

Question 3: Once a thriving community , after the arraival of ________ from north, many social restrictions were imposed upon this community.
BhumiharBrahminBiharUttar Pradesh

Question 4: When challenged about his right to consecrate a Shiva image once, he replied, that it was Billava Shiva that he had consecrated and that ________ have no right to question it.
BhumiharBiharUttar PradeshBrahmin

Question 5: In olden Tulunadu region the Poojarys had very important role in Nema or ________ which is a kind of spirit-worship, a practice seen amongst the tribal communities of Tulunadu.
NagaradhaneYakshaganaBhuta KolaHulivesha

Question 6: Poojary a Tulu speaking community of ________
Udupi districtMangaloreKarnatakaDakshina Kannada

Question 7: In some areas of ________ where Billavas also speak Kannada and identifies themselves as Kannada Billavas.

Question 8: Billavas emerged dramatically mainly due to the role played by ________, a great saint and social reformer who preached a message of self-help, self-improvement, and self-esteem.
Swami KrishnanandaSwami VivekanandaAdi ShankaraNarayana Guru

Question 9: After visiting the place, ________ himself selected the place in Kudroli and advised the community elders about a suitable location to build their temple and the work began under his direction.
Narayana GuruSwami VivekanandaAdi ShankaraSwami Krishnananda

Question 10: They built Garadis in the line of Kalaris in Kerala in honour of their folk heroes Koti and Chennayya.The ________ term Garadi is derived from Kannada word Garodi which means gymnasium.
MalayalamTulu languageTelugu languageTamil language


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