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Bill of lading: Quiz


Question 1: The standard short form bill of lading is evidence of the ________ of carriage of goods and it serves a number of purposes:
ContractDuressDelegation (law)Sharia

Question 2: it governs all the legal aspects of physical carriage, and, like a ________ or other negotiable instrument, it may be endorsed affecting ownership of the goods actually being carried.

Question 3: In the municipal law of the U.S., the issue and enforcement of bills which may be documents of title, is governed by Article 7 of the ________.
Uniform Commercial CodeUnidroit convention on substantive rules for intermediated securitiesSecurity (finance)Investment Securities

Question 4: So, for example, if the carrier or another holds a ________ over the goods as security for unpaid debts, the endorsee is bound by the lien.
PropertyLienProperty lawMortgage

Question 5: It is also a document of transfer, being freely transferable but not a ________ in the legal sense, i.e.
BankCommercial paperNegotiable instrumentPromissory note

Question 6: Although, if the endorser wrongfully failed to disclose the charge, the endorsee will have a right to claim ________ for failing to transfer an unencumbered title.
Deposition (law)PleadingDamagesJudgment (law)

Question 7: The legal solution most often adopted is to apply the principle of ________, i.e.
SubrogationBeneficiary (trust)IndemnityLien

Question 8: Because the consignee is not a party to the contract of carriage, the doctrine of ________ of contract states that a third party has no right to enforce the agreement.
Invitation to treatPrivity of contractAssignment (law)Duress


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