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Question 1: In the ________, for example, these include payments to the royal family, succession to the throne, and the monarch's exercise of prerogative powers.
WalesUnited KingdomEnglandCanada

Question 2: Bill is a term used to describe proposed laws as they pass through the legislature in the American and ________ of government.
Commonwealth realmWestminster systemParliamentary systemPrime minister

Question 3: In presidential systems, the need to receive approval can be used as a political tool by the executive, and its refusal is known as a ________.
VetoHungaryUnited States CongressUnited States

Question 4: In the ________, a system of committees considers law relating to each policy area.
111th United States CongressUnited States Senate110th United States CongressUnited States Congress

Question 5: In ________, certain matters may be covered by a so-called royal prerogative.
MonarchyConstitutional monarchyRepublicAbsolute monarchy

Question 6: every two years, at the start of odd-numbered years, the ________ recommences numbering from 1.
111th United States CongressUnited States CongressUnited States Senate110th United States Congress

Question 7: ________ (most legislature articles have information on their processes)
Geography of present-day nations and statesList of legislatures by countryList of sovereign statesList of national governments

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