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Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot: Quiz


Question 1: The comic book features intricate artwork by Geof Darrow, and story by Frank Miller, of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, 300 and ________ fame.
Frank Miller (comics)Sin City (film)Hell and Back (A Sin City Love Story)Sin City

Question 2: The Big Guy's first story appeared without Rusty in two issues of Mike Allred's "________" comic, after appearing in various comic book pin-up and poster pages.
Dark Horse ComicsBluntman and ChronicMadmanKevin Smith

Question 3:
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, Transformers and WALL-E are all:
Dark Horse Comics titles Comics by Frank Miller Title pop Fictional robots

Question 4:
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, Silver Surfer and Flash Gordon are all:
All pages needing cleanup Science fiction comics 1995 comic debuts Title pop

Question 5: Big Guy also makes an appearance in Frank Miller and ________' Martha Washington Stranded in Space and a cameo appearance in the last Sin City book.
WatchmenDave GibbonsEagle Award (comics)Alan Moore

Question 6: A line of toys based on the show was produced by ________, which can sometimes be found on eBay along with ephemera surrounding a brief promotional tie-in with Burger King.
NamcoSunrise (company)Bandai VisualBandai

Question 7:
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, Daredevil (Marvel Comics) and The Dark Knight Returns are all:
Title pop 1996 comic debuts Science fiction comics Comics by Frank Miller

Question 8: The Squillacci Empire - Squid-like tentacled aliens who make ________, attempt to experiment on cows and other stereotypical alien actions.
Crop circleParanormalCharles FortStonehenge

Question 9: The show ended on a ________, where it is discovered that there is a seventh Legion Ex Machina that Big Guy and Rusty have yet to defeat.
Twin PeaksSoap operaOne Thousand and One NightsCliffhanger

Question 10: The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot is a comic book by Frank Miller and Geof Darrow and an eponymous ________ television series.
Stop motionTraditional animationAnimated cartoonAnimation


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