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Question 1: ________ which utilizes the Simplified Chinese Characters uses the GB instead.
Paracel IslandsMainland ChinaTaiwanKinmen

Question 2: The numerical value of individual Big5 codes are frequently given as a 4-digit hexadecimal number, which describes the two bytes that comprise the Big5 code as if the two bytes were a ________ representation of a 16-bit number.
64-bitEndiannessCentral processing unitDEC Alpha

Question 3: Sometimes, this is not possible due to the large number of extended characters to be added; for example, ________ letters and Japanese kana have been placed in the zone associated with "frequently-used characters".
Cyrillic alphabetPhoenician alphabetYatGlagolitic alphabet

Question 4: C6A1-C875: circle 1-10, bracket 1-10, Roman letters 1-9 (i-ix), CJK radical glyphs, Japanese hiragana, Japanese katakana, ________ characters
Cyrillic alphabetGlagolitic alphabetYatPhoenician alphabet

Question 5: In some versions of Eten, there are extra graphical symbols and ________ characters.
Traditional Chinese charactersSimplified Chinese charactersChinese characterKanji

Question 6: The fonts support Japanese ________, kokuji, and other characters missing in Big-5.

Question 7: The original Big-5 only include CJK logograms from 常用國字標準字體表 (4.808字) and 次常用國字標準字體表 (6343), but not letters from people's names, place names, dialects, chemistry, ________, Japanese kana.

Question 8: However, in old DOS-based systems, ________—with its extra special symbols in the control code area including position 127—was much more common.
Code page 437ISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252ISO/IEC 8859-15

Question 9: Another example is the Suzhou numerals, which is a form of ________ that requires the number to be laid out in a 2-D form consisting of at least two rows.
MultiplicationExponentiationLogarithmScientific notation

Question 10: Big-5 or Big5 is a character encoding method used in Taiwan, ________ and Macau for Traditional Chinese characters.
MaltaUnited StatesPhilippinesHong Kong

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