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Bid‘ah: Quiz


Question 1: As a general rule in Shi'a belief, anything is permissible except whatever is prohibited through divine revelation such as the ________ or hadith.

Question 2: According to Shi'a beliefs the definition of bid'ah is anything that is introduced to Islam as either being fard, mustahabb, makruh or haram and/or that contradicts the ________ or hadith.
AliQur'anMuhammadQur'an and miracles

Question 3: This can include anything from inventions such as watches to customs and culture, given they don't violate the ________.
IslamFiqhShariaIslamic ethics

Question 4: For example, one may introduce establishing the tradition of celebrating Muhammad's birthday through recommended acts such as ________ or giving alms.
FastingJesusLiturgical yearEaster

Question 5: Imaam ash-Shaatibee mentions[9]: Ibn Wahb said: From Ibn 'Abbaas, that he said regarding the saying of ________: On the Day (i.e.

Question 6: Imaam al-Barbahaaree mentions: "The innovators are like ________.

Question 7: “Whosoever originates an innovation in this matter of ours [i.e., Islam] that is not a part of it, will have it rejected.” [1][2] In addition, the Qur'an (which Muslims believe is the word of ________) states:

Question 8: Bid‘ah (Arabic: بدعة‎) is any type of innovation in ________.
Islamic schools and branchesMuslim historyMosqueIslam

Question 9: Religious innovation means inventing a new way of worshipping ________ that was not originally included in the message that Islamic tradition claims was revealed to Muhammad.
Islam and JudaismAllahMosqueSharia

Question 10: Any new good practice that is practiced that does not contradict the ________ or hadith is permissible.


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