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Biblical studies: Quiz


Question 1: In this approach, Biblical studies can be considered as a sub-field of ________.
AtheismReligious studiesReligionRelationship between religion and science

Question 2: Other texts often examined by biblical scholars include the Jewish apocrypha, the Jewish pseudepigrapha, the Christian ________, the many varieties of ante-Nicene early Christian literature, and early Jewish literature.
ApocryphaNew TestamentBibleBiblical canon

Question 3: Prophecies fulfilled after the alleged time of writing are interpreted in ________ as a proof for the divine origin of the text, and in Biblical criticism as a proof that the real time of writing was later than claimed.

Question 4: In contrast with most divinity schools, seminaries or older theological schools, Biblical Studies does not attempt to criticize the Bible as in higher (or ________) or lower (or textual criticism) form.
Literary theoryLiterary criticismPoetryTragedy

Question 5: Some guides or rules of interpretation have been formulated and are, in some circles, known as Principles of Interpretation, in others as ________.
Phenomenology (philosophy)HermeneuticsArthur SchopenhauerExistentialism

Question 6: The New Testament is written in ________, a form which probably carried Hebrew and Aramaic influences.
Greek languageAncient Greek dialectsAncient GreekKoine Greek

Question 7: Comparison of different ancient versions of the same text, such as the ________ and the Septuagint (basis of the Old Testament in European languages).
Deuterocanonical booksBiblical canonHebrew BibleTanakh

Question 8: Biblical Studies involve the studies of the Bible and can be studied as a subject for themselves or as a subdivision under ________.

Question 9: ________ may sometimes also serve as an aiding tool, though there are different approaches among scholars to its use as a scientific tool.
Civil engineeringEngineeringArchaeologyMining

Question 10: This approach is a branch of ________, and is also known as Biblical interpretation.


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