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Biblical hermeneutics: Quiz


Question 1: One teaching under this view is that ________ was once a sin but has become acceptable due to cultural changes and advances in understanding of psychology and the social sciences.
LesbianHomosexualitySexual orientationBisexuality

Question 2: While Jewish and ________ Biblical hermeneutics have some overlap and dialogue, they have distinctly separate interpretative traditions.
ChristianityChristian denominationEcumenismBaptist

Question 3: Until ________, Biblical hermeneutics was usually seen as a form of special hermeneutics (like legal hermeneutics): the status of Holy Scripture was thought to necessitate a particular form of understanding and interpretation.
Friedrich NietzscheFriedrich Daniel Ernst SchleiermacherGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel Kant

Question 4: Second, the more recent development is to understand the term 'Biblical hermeneutics' as the broader philosophy, ________, etc.

Question 5: It is part of the more broad field of ________ which involves not just the study of principles for the text, but includes all forms of communication: verbal, nonverbal and written.
HermeneuticsExistentialismPhenomenology (philosophy)Arthur Schopenhauer

Question 6: Talmudical Hermeneutics (________: approximately, מידות שהתורה נדרשת בהן) refers to Jewish methods for the investigation and determination of the meaning of the Hebrew Bible, as well as rules by which Jewish law could be established.
Biblical HebrewSamaritan Hebrew languageHebrew languageMishnaic Hebrew

Question 7: This article discusses Jewish bible commentaries from the ancient Targums to classical ________, the midrash literature, the classical medieval commentators, and modern day commentaries.
Jewish philosophySephardi JewsOrthodox JudaismRabbinic literature

Question 8: There are obvious examples of this in the links between 20th century philosophy and Christian ________.

Question 9: First, in the older sense, Biblical hermeneutics may be understood as the theological principles of exegesis; in fact, it is often virtually synonymous with 'principles of biblical interpretation', or methodology of ________.

Question 10: The article on ________ discusses hermeneutics on the Bible from a Jewish point of view.
Rabbinic literatureKabbalahTalmudJewish commentaries on the Bible

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