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Biblical canon: Quiz


Question 1: [citation needed] This stagnation of official writings lead to a sudden explosion of discussions after ________ legalized Christianity in the early 4th century.
DiocletianMaxentiusConstantine IMaximian

Question 2: However, these books are ordered last in the ________ Luther Bible to this day.
Dutch languageRomanian languageSpanish languageGerman language

Question 3: ________ was the first well-known heretic in the history of the early church.
MarcionismMarcion of SinopeEarly ChristianityChristianity in the 2nd century

Question 4: ________ - a concept inspired by Biblical canon
Retroactive continuityCanon (fiction)Media franchiseFan fiction

Question 5: A Biblical canon or canon of scripture[1] is a list or set of Biblical books considered to be authoritative as scripture by a particular religious community, generally in Judaism or ________.
BaptistChristian denominationChristianityEcumenism

Question 6: The Book of Nehemiah suggests that the priest-scribe Ezra brought the Torah back from ________ to Jerusalem and the Second Temple (8-9) around the same time period.
BabyloniaBabylonAkkadian EmpireMesopotamia

Question 7: a closed book, a prohibition against future scribal editing) or to the instruction received by ________ on Mt. Sinai.

Question 8: [7] However, these ________ do not suggest that the canon was at that time closed; moreover, it is not clear that these sacred books were identical to those that later became part of the canon.
Primary sourceSecondary sourceHistoriographySocial sciences

Question 9: ________ for a side-by-side comparison of Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant canons.
New TestamentBiblical apocryphaOld TestamentBooks of the Bible

Question 10: He also included the ________ which was later rejected.
New TestamentGospel of JohnThe Shepherd of HermasDevelopment of the New Testament canon


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