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Biblical Sabbath: Quiz


Question 1: The term is translated "release" five times in the ________ (from the root shamat, "desist, remit", 8058).
Book of LeviticusPsalmsBook of DeuteronomyBook of Exodus

Question 2: In 23:31, ________ assigns Levites to stand and sing thanks and praise whenever the burnt offerings are given for Sabbath, new moon, and the other designated days.

Question 3: Rejection of Jesus (Mk. 6:1-6, Lk. 4:16-30): Jesus preaches in the ________ synagogue on Sabbath against skeptical demands for miracles, and states that he is rejected there in his hometown.

Question 4: Paul then immediately walks eighteen miles from Troas to Assos, boards a boat, and continues to ________.

Question 5: Since ________ in the early third century, the term has been taken to have special reference to a millennial Sabbath kingdom after six millennia of labor.
Hippolytus of RomeAnastasius BibliothecariusAntipopeAntipope Novatian

Question 6: In 14:1-6, Jesus heals a man with ________ (swollen with fluid), arguing that this is equivalent to the permitted Sabbath activity of rescuing an animal from a well.

Question 7: ________: In 17:19-27, Jeremiah declaims against carrying burdens out of houses or out of the city gates on Sabbath, as was commonly done by merchants in his day.
Book of IsaiahBook of DanielBooks of KingsBook of Jeremiah

Question 8: In the ________, "sabbath" translates Sabbaton 59 times and prosabbaton once (the day before Sabbath); Sabbaton is also translated as "week" nine times, by synecdoche.
Biblical canonJesusGospelNew Testament

Question 9: It is not stated whether these practices correspond to Sabbath, new moon, and High Sabbaths, or to secular or ________ festivals.

Question 10: Revelation: In 1:10, ________ states that he was "in Spirit" in the "Lord's Day", a term apparently familiar to his readers, without mentioning Sabbath.
John the EvangelistJohn the ApostleNew TestamentDisciple whom Jesus loved


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