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Question 1: Babylonian inscriptions mention the Kashshi or ________, and it was once held that this signified a possible explanation of Cush, the ancestor of Nimrod in Genesis chapter 8.
Short chronology timelineElamKassitesAkkadian Empire

Question 2: The name is usually considered to be the ________ of the people of Kush.
Scientific phenomena named after peopleDoriansJulius CaesarEponym

Question 3: In addition, the modern Cushitic branch of the ________ language family spoken by various populations in the Horn of Africa, is named after the Biblical Cush.
Afroasiatic UrheimatNiger-Congo languagesAfroasiatic languagesSonghay languages

Question 4: Another person named Cush in the Hebrew Bible is a ________ who is mentioned only in Psalm 7, and is believed to be a follower of Saul.
LeviJudah (Bible)IssacharBenjamin

Question 5: The existence of the historical ________ in what is now Southern Sudan cannot be reasonably questioned, although the term may later have been employed with some latitude.
Kingdom of KushMeroƫAncient EgyptNubia

Question 6: The Persian historian ________ (c.
BaghdadImamQur'anMuhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari

Question 7: In the 5th century AD, the ________ in the south of Arabia were styled by Syrian writers as Cushaeans and Ethiopians.
KahlanAncient historyHimyarite KingdomAzd

Question 8: Scholars like Johann Michaelis and Rosenmuller have pointed out that the name Cush was applied to tracts of country on both sides of the ________ in the Arabia (Yemen) and in Africa.
Indian OceanRed SeaArctic OceanMediterranean Sea


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