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Bias: Quiz


Question 1: ________: bias in favor of or against a particular political party, philosophy, policy or candidate.
BureaucracyPolitical philosophyIdeologyPolitics

Question 2: ________ or racial: racism, regionalism and tribalism.
MoresIndigenous peoplesSouth Asian ethnic groupsEthnic group

Question 3: ________, where there is an error in choosing the individuals or groups to take part in a scientific study.
Cognitive biasSampling biasConfirmation biasSelection bias

Question 4: ________: bias with observations motivated for selling an opinion rather than using objectivity.
AdvertisingAdvertising researchProduct placementBrand

Question 5: Bias is a term used to describe a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective, ________ or result, when the tendency interferes with the ability to be impartial, unprejudiced, or objective.
Jürgen HabermasIdeologyPoliticsSociology

Question 6: The ________, also known as "correspondence bias", is one example of such bias, in which people tend to explain others' behavior in terms of personality, whereas they tend to explain their own behavior in terms of the situation.
Attributional biasAttribution theoryFalse consensus effectFundamental attribution error

Question 7: ________: bias in favor of a society's ideals.
Social structureSystems theorySociologyTalcott Parsons

Question 8: ________ (including anti-scientific and scientific skepticism): favoring (or disfavoring) a scientist, inventor, or theory for non-scientific reasons.
PseudoscienceScienceSocial sciencesScientific method

Question 9: The ________ is the difference between an estimator's expectation and the true value of the parameter being estimated.
Confirmation biasSelection biasBias of an estimatorOmitted-variable bias

Question 10: One type of cognitive bias is ________, the tendency to interpret new information in such a way that confirms one's prior beliefs, even to the extreme of denial, ignoring information that conflicts with one's prior beliefs.
Lead time biasConfirmation biasInformation bias (epidemiology)Selection bias

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