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Bi-directional text: Quiz


Question 1: ________ can also be written in either direction as well as vertically (top to bottom then right to left), especially in signs (such as plaques, but the orientation of the individual characters is never changed).
Chinese languageKanjiSimplified Chinese charactersChinese character

Question 2: It generally involves text containing different types of ________, but may also refer to boustrophedon, which is changing text directionality in each row.
AlphabetArabic alphabetGreek alphabetLatin alphabet

Question 3: In particular, the ________ standard provides foundations for complete BiDi support, with detailed rules as to how mixtures of left-to-right and right-to-left scripts are to be encoded and displayed.
UnicodeUniversal Character SetUTF-8Han unification

Question 4: Another variety of writing style, called boustrophedon, was used in some ancient Greek inscriptions, Tuareg, and ________.
Hungarian Air ForceHungarian cuisineHungaryOld Hungarian script

Question 5: Early computer installations were designed only to support a single writing system, typically for left-to-right scripts based on the ________ only.
Latin alphabetArabic alphabetRunic alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 6: Some ________ may display the Hebrew text in this article in the opposite direction.
Opera (web browser)Internet Explorer 3Web browserInternet Explorer

Question 7: Bidirectional script support is the capability of a ________ system to correctly display bi-directional text.
Personal computerCentral processing unitComputerLinux

Question 8: Adding new character sets and ________ enabled a number of other left-to-right scripts to be supported, but did not easily support right-to-left scripts such as Arabic or Hebrew, and mixing the two was not practical.
UnicodeUTF-8Character encodingASCII


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