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Question 1: Upāsaka, Upāsikā
Gahattha, ________
Agārika, Agāriya
Householder (Buddhism)Upāsaka and UpāsikāBuddhismŚrāvaka

Question 2: Dr.Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, now known as ________, is a Thai scholar who took bhikkhuni ordination in Sri Lanka and returned to Thailand, where bhikkhuni ordination is forbidden and can result in arrest or imprisonment for a woman.
AnapanasatiAnāgāmiAtthakathaDhammananda Bhikkhuni

Question 3: For a country or nation to be considered as truly Buddhist, the majority of the nation must be Buddhist and include at least a fourfold assembly of bhikkhus, bhikkhunis, ________ and, upasikas.
ŚrāvakaHouseholder (Buddhism)Upāsaka and UpāsikāSamaneri

Question 4: In an interview, a Vietnamese nun named ________ described Nhat Hanh's approach:
Chan KhongThich Nhat HanhBuddhism by countryBuddhism

Question 5: This agrees with the fact that rival sects such as the ________ also had the first rule according to the Svetambara rules.
Indian religionsJainismJain philosophyHinduism

Question 6: ________Nun
Nun trainee
Novice (m., f.)
MonasteryHouseholder (Buddhism)MonkShramana

Question 7: Abstract: A brief overview of the situation for nuns in the Tibetan Tradition by Bhiksuni ________
Sogyal RinpocheChögyam TrungpaDzongsar Jamyang Khyentse RinpocheTenzin Palmo

Question 8: Bhikkhuni lineages enjoy a broad basis in Mahayana countries like Korea, Vietnam, ________ and Taiwan.
Province (China)Time in ChinaChinaReligion in China

Question 9: In the ________ tradition, some scholars believe that the bhikkhuni lineage became extinct in the 11th to 13th centuries, after which no new bhikkhunis could be ordained since there were no bhikkhunis left to give ordination.
TheravadaThird Buddhist councilBuddhismEarly Buddhist schools

Question 10: For this reason, the leadership of the Theravada bhikkhu ________ in Burma and Thailand deem fully ordained bhikkhunis as "untrue."[27] Other members support the ordination of woman as bhikkhunis.
BuddhismBuddhist monasticismKorean BuddhismSangha


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